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With the increasing demands and frenetic pace of business life, today’s business leaders find themselves off-balance, unsatisfied, and searching for meaning. Organizations will increasingly find that helping employees through this life navigation will enhance their ability to attract, retain, and grow their most valuable resource – people.

Coaching is helping individuals become self-aware, self-correcting and self-generating on their personal journeys. People have areas in their lives where they “get grabbed.” Coaching helps you get “un-grabbed” and see what possibilities exist for a more fulfilling life.

“Two things I believe about people: In every situation, everyone does the best that he or she is capable of doing; and everyone can do better.”
– Geoff Davis

Like many, I’ve spent most of my life a “workaholic”. I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t putting in the 60+ hour weeks, seven days a week, trying to be the best that I could be in my various professions. But as I neared 50, I had a distinct sense that there was more to life than this “quest to be the best”. After four major career changes in 20 years, I began to examine my life and its meaning and purpose.

I was fortunate enough to work with one of the most talented executive coaches in the field, Melissa McNair. Through being coached, I saw that much of my life was reactive, that my intensity levels had negative effects on others and me, and that, in my attempt to achieve excellence in my work, I expended a great deal of energy obsessing about future events that drained me. I could not have come to this realization alone.

“Don’t let your horizon be the edge of the rut.”
– Anonymous

Coaching had such a positive impact on me that, with Melissa’s mentoring, I became a coach. I understand the concept of coaching and its value to individuals and the business organizations in which they work. I am trained to know what practices and ways of knowing can take you to a higher level and how to support where you are and where you’re going.

While therapists may delve into emotional and historical issues and consultants and mentors give advice, life coaches take a different approach:  They are trained in questioning clients with the intent of helping clarify what they really want in life and/or work, to set goals and get around roadblocks such as procrastination and life’s distractions.

– Coaching Definition from Newsday, March 2007

Skills & Qualifications

Executive Coaching, strategic and tactical planning, lifelong learner and learning specialist, continuous quality improvement/total quality management, national/international speaker and presenter, facilitator, fund-raising, writing, strategic leadership, and supervision.



President, Conversations, Inc.


Executive Coach & Leadership Consultant; Professional Certified Coach, Reinsel Kuntz Lesher LLP


Executive Director, Educational Foundation, Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry. Responsible for knowledge aggregation and learning dissemination, partnerships, strategies and tactics for members and customers in support of Chamber mission.


Executive Director, Pennsylvania Public Education Foundation, Pennsylvania School Boards Association.  Responsible for development and implementation of fund raising strategies in support of mission.


Director of Inservice Education, Pennsylvania School Boards Association.  Responsible for development, implementation and delivery of general and customized learning opportunities for the state’s school board members, superintendents, business officials, and individual districts.


General Manager, Director of Marketing, ISC Educational Systems/Ferranti Educational Systems.  Responsible for start up operations and market development of technology learning company that provided education and training on international and national levels (i.e. — interactive videodisc, computer-based training, videotape, and workbook-based).


English teacher, wrestling coach, adviser to various clubs, Department Chair (1983-84), Hempfield High School.  Adjunct professor, Millersville University (1979-1984).



The Foundations of Generative Leadership, Institute for Generative Leadership


Foundations of Ontological Learning, Newfield Network


Professional Certified Coach, International Coach Federation


LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY ™ Accredited Facilitator


Integral Coaching Certification, New Ventures West


Ongoing professional development seminars, workshops, and readings.


The Fund Raising School, Indiana University


Program participant, U.S. Army War College, Carlisle


Wharton Executive Education Courses


Educational Supervision, Millersville University


M.Ed., Secondary English, Millersville University


BS Ed., English, Millersville University

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